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Thursday, February 28, 2013

post less

well, I have actually completely forgotten about this blog for almost two months. seems as though the 'down time' in my life is changing shape, and I spend most 'nap time' opportunities trying to keep my basic to-do list going in my head. little things like...brush your teeth, put away the dishes, put dinner in the crock pot...and then the babe is wide awake!

it's also the middle of winter, and a lot of times I find myself prepping for opportunities to escape the house as soon as she is fed-changed-napped-etc. it does all of us good to get out of the house at least once a day.

some days i think back to my life at the land.of.cubicles and wonder how that 'me' from a few years ago did it all. i picture a multi-tasking wonder woman pounding out 50-60 hour werk weeks, who also happened to be freshly showered and nicely dressed in cute Ann Taylor and Banana Republic clothes. oh, and she wore high heels every day.

I may be pajama clad and bed-headed most days, but every precious moment with our babe and our family and doing what it takes to keep the house semi-picked up and our bellies full... is a true gift. there are definitely closets to be cleaned out, random piles of clothes that don't fit, and books that haven't been read lying around for months, and we'll get to them. but for now, I might be posting on here less and spending more time on my new version of participating in the day...with cozy slippers on my feet.