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Monday, April 15, 2013

A post to myself a year ago.

Some things about being a mom that I would tell my '8 month pregnant' self a year ago if I could:
My 'one month to go' cupcake on 4/15/12.
  • You will get extremely swollen and the swelling won't go down until your baby is about three weeks old. Find some very stretchy flip-flops.
  • You will get really great at picking things up with your toes. And doing things one-handed.
  • You will quickly learn how to order items off a menu that can be eaten easily with one hand, without falling into your lap as you bring it to your mouth. 
  • Breastfed babies can't get constipated...some babies just hold on to their poo.  So be READY when they do...
  • Your brain will be consumed with 'to-do's', and it will be next to impossible to prioritize them correctly and get them all accomplished in between nursing, burping, rocking the babe to sleep...and starting the entire process all over again. But really, you ARE doing your most important to-do's when you nurse-burp-rock the baby to sleep.
  • There will be days when it feels like a complete and utter miracle that you showered, put on make-up, and are wearing cute clothes that kind of fit. 
  • Your baby will want to be 'walked' despite your own healing will walk. You will wear a path in every patch of carpet and probably your backyard. And your baby will be happy and fall asleep. 
  • You will find your self jiggling and swaying as if you were holding your baby, even when you are not. Like during worship in church or while chatting with a friend at a BBQ. That will eventually go away...but honestly, you can't help it for a while. 
  • Your glorious pregnancy hair will all fall out, right around the three month mark when you are still feeling very fat and exhausted...and balding! But you're not balding, and you WILL start growing some spikey rebellious hairs along your hairline right around the six month mark. 
  • You might start crying the first time you do something nice for yourself, like getting a haircut. When the stylist gives you the complementary scalp massage and shoulder rub and you feel like you could melt into a puddle on the floor of the salon...that's a clear sign you should have done this much sooner. 
  • Chill out and enjoy maternity leave...your husband will find a job and your employer will werk with you and your desire to be part-time.
  • Your body is going through an incredible process, trust your body and the process, even when you miss your 'due date' by a few days. It will all be ok, and you can't be pregnant forever!
  • You will understand and love your mom on a completely new level. Moms are rockstars, and good moms are angels. 

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