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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Calorie Counter

You know how it goes, the holidays roll around and usually leading the way with them are all of the sweet treats you could ever want (starting with the halloween candy!). Right at your finger tips. Right as you are about the explode from the stress of getting all of your werk done before the holidays. And, BAM! You've gotten a gift of 5 more pounds to carry around as you swagger around

Oh, this doesn't happen to you? Those chocolate covered treats, homemade caramels, and random assortment of christmas cookies never call your name in the middle of a particularly stressful meeting? Then you get to stop reading. :)

For the rest of us, we all have different nicknames for it in our respective offices. For me, at my last job, it was the calorie counter. The waist high counter which served as a half-wall for our naturally slender assistant's cubicle. All of the sugar, butter, and goodness usually landed on her desk, and slowly migrated to mine...and by mine, I mean my behind. Of course, the years I had given up sugar were just glorious, the calorie counter held no sway over me and I continued on past those delicious seasonal treats, imagining they were rat poison.

As I gradually got back on the sugar wagon, I realized how often the opportunity to indulge in mindless treats at presented itself. Whether it's having punch at a baby shower, cake from a birthday left in the breakroom, or vendor gifts that suddenly appear in the form of caramel corn and was everywhere.

Now that I am in my second trimester of pregnancy and absolutely ravenous most of the time, I sometimes wish I had a calorie counter to swing by, you know, to get in the Christmas spirit? ;) I am honestly and rationally very thankful I don't have that temptation in front of me this year as my baby bump continues to grow, we don't need the rest of me to balloon up as well!My life as the.home.werker has hopefully removed some mindless-werkplace-snacking-temptations from my life. :)

Now I just have to work on keeping healthy snacks in the home office, but the occasional batch of Christmas cookies a week or two before Christmas couldn't hurt too's all about self control, right? In that case, chocolate covered peanut butter balls might be in my near future...I'm not sure I can wait until our time in Minnesota before enjoying one of my favorite Christmas cookies!
That's what I'm talkin' about!

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