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Friday, December 16, 2011


Because I werk from home and don't have to run from the first floor south tower to the fourth floor north tower in between meetings (squeezing in a bathroom break if I'm lucky)...I am VERY on time for meetings. Which is something a lot of people strive for,  but two times in the last day I have been waiting on conference line, for a least ten minutes, before hanging up. I literally cannot stand the 'hold music' our conference line uses, and ten minutes of that would probably drive anyone crazy.

I just wonder:
1-Are people forgetting that I am waiting on the line, because everyone else is in the room?
2-Are people starting meetings and dialing in to their end of the conference line once everyone is in the room? If that's the case, should I start dialing in 5-10 minutes late to avoid that horrible music?
3-Why can't I just sit on the line in silence? Who ever said I wanted to listen to music anyway?

I am slightly annoyed, and wondering how to discuss this with my co.werkers in the office. Lately, if I'm the only one dialing into a meeting, I have been asking the meeting organizer to just call my office line directly whenever they are ready to actually start the meeting. That has helped immensely, but obviously not completely since there are often others joining via conference line.

On another note...what makes a webinar a webinar? I sat in on a webinar yesterday, and there were literally two slides shown on the screen the entire time, an intro slide and a closing slide with more details about the webinar. Why not just have it be a conference call or podcast, if no one is interacting with the chat feature or slides?

Getting my annoyances out of the way for the week, as I look into a light week of werk and celebrating the holidays with family in the coming days!

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