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Friday, December 2, 2011

Wrap it Up

It's Friday afternoon, and pay day Friday at that! Back in my time at, I usually would grab a girlfriend or two and head down the road for a nice lunch. No leftovers for me on pay day Friday! Heck, I might even order more than just ice water with my meal. Splurge.

Now, in the land of the.home.werker, it's Friday at 12:30, I'm ravenous, and I've got a fridge of leftovers to forage through like a hungry bear.

I'd rather be at Panera, Biaggi's or P.F. Chang's if I'm really honest. I love cooking, but sometimes I really miss living at home where my mom cooked for us all of the time. I never had to worry about getting groceries, meal planning, or what was for dinner, ever. And now that we try to do most of our own cooking and rarely go out to eat, I thoroughly enjoy any meal that I did NOT have to hunt, gather, or cook for myself. Even if it costs a little extra in a restaurant, or means I am on clean up duty...that's ok. Every once in a while, it's just a treat.

Now, to feed the hungry bear...

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