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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas is Coming

I know that Christmas is coming, aside from the commercials, decorations, and extra holiday parties...I know it is coming because my werk has that Christmas break 'buzz' around it. Mantra: Get it done now, or wait til the New Year.

So, in this week before the week before Christmas, we cram a lot of werk into 5 days and hope it sticks until 2012. After all, who wants to get LOTS done when no one else is in the office? It's not super motivating when you know your emails won't get answered, you meetings won't be attended, and in general, people are just passing time and glad that the company lightened the dress code to 'casual' for a few extra days around the holiday.

From my experience in, next week is a GREAT time to:
  • clean up your desk (start 2012 with a clean werk space!)
  • chat with co.werkers who are also stuck in the office, see what they're up to. 
  • polish off those vendor treats that have been accumulating on your assistant's desk. 
  • clean out your email account...seriously, if you haven't touched it in 4-5 weeks, are you ever going to?
  • come in a little late and leave a little early. make up for all of those 10-12 hour days you put in through out the year.
Oh, and one more way I know Christmas is calendar says it's December 14. :)
Add to the decorations in your cube by making this your screen saver for the next week!

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