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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Live from Galen Drive

I have been on the road/in the air, suitcase and laptop in hand for almost two and half weeks now. The homewerker has been 'home' for a mere 10 hours during that time period, to do laundry, repack and sleep a little. After returning from my time in the Dominican Republic (which was incredible!), Jake, Lexi and I packed up Pedro the Laredo and headed to the homeland, Minnesota!

Jake just finished his semester and I took a few vacation days around the long Memorial weekend, but I've also taken advantage of my incredibly flexible job and have been 'werking from home' in Minnesota. In the midst of helping some family members sell/pack/move from house to house, it's been great to be able to get some werk done and catch up on the werk that piled up while I was soaking up my time in the DR.

Tomorrow is another vacation day so that we can travel the 1,000 miles back to our home in Colorado. Say some prayers for a smooth ride, tornado free skies, and an early arrival! I'm really excited to ditch the suitcase for at least a few weeks!
Seriously pooped...
Apparentely even this is comfortable...

Miss Lexi, excited for her 14 hour nap in the car tomorrow!

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