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Monday, May 2, 2011


Well, last week was quite the whirlwind. It started off with a travel day to Dallas, TX on Monday, three packed 8am-9pm days of conferences Tuesday through Thursday, and a travel day home on Friday. So I may be an extrovert, but even THAT was a little overwhelming for me. I am super thankful for the incredible co-werker I shared a room with this past week, she allowed me to have down time and just relax (checking facebook and enjoyed the royal wedding festivities just as much as I did last week). Talk about needing a brain break.

To top it all off, I "felt completely naked and like my arm was chopped off" (in the words of a dear FB friend), when I realized I left my trusty iphone at home as soon as I got through Denver security on Monday. Talk about moment of first instinct to call Jake and have him bring me my phone was completely contradictory since I simply couldn't call him. I managed to hop on the internet at DIA and send him a few frantic emails before hopping on my flight, but guess what...5 days later and I survived. No phone, no safety net from awkward social situations, no constant checking my life in the outside world. It was just me and the CLA conference, baby!

Oh, and I used a payphone for the first time in about 15 years once I got to cost me about $18 since I didn't have enough quarters on hand to make the 1-minute call...but at that point, it was my only option. Seriously...stay away from those payphones, kids. They'll rip you off. Whatever happened to needing a dime and a nickel to call your mom to come and pick you up? Verizon had me as a victim of supply and demand, so $18 later I connected with my co-werkers at the rental car counter. Ridiculous.

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