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Monday, May 2, 2011

Rise Above It

Today, I have de-friended a few people on facebook, who have posted anything regarding the fact that Osama Bin Laden should rot in hell. You have been warned...

Or, as a country radio station I had on earlier today said, R.I.H. (rot in hell). I snapped the station off and drove down my street, wondering how in the world it's ok to say such things so openly. I am not someone who sides with extremes or majorities, it's just not in my nature. Which is why, quite frankly, it's a blessing to my home-werking soul on many many days to avoid office small-talk, opinions, and people who feel the need to 'over-share' about highly polarizing things like politics, money, marriage, etc. I respect and value a little thing called privacy, like anonymous elections, having a password on my bank account, and the fact that some things in my marriage with Jake will always just be between the two of us.

I guess that's why I feel assaulted or berated when the uber-opinionated of the world feel the need to throw around their strong thoughts and feelings in a way that will undeniably force people to choose sides. To react. To escalate.

I'm all for a healthy conversation and truly respect people with different opinions from me, especially when that respect is mutual and shared. We are seeking to learn from each other through our vulnerability and expressions, not to harm another person or prove them wrong. Be sensitive, listen to where others are coming from, and you will always learn something new.

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