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Monday, July 18, 2011

500 miles

So far, in the last business week, I have driven 500 miles to and from the land.of.cubicles. It has been quite the trek to make 5 round trips, but good to spend some quality time with my co.werkers. Time to log my mileage in the expense system...this should be fun!

What does one do on a 100 mile round trip, you might ask?
1. Drink coffee
2. Listen to Pandora (my jeep doens't have a jack for my iphone)
3. Listen to old sermons that I've missed at church.
4. Call mother-in-law, sister, mom, husband, dad, brother, and anyone else who will listen!
5. Fill up the gas tank.
6. Drink coffee.
7. Take pretty pictures when stuck in slow moving traffic, like this one!

8. Talk the nephew through potty training while bribing with 'treats from Colorado!'.
9. Pray that the daily thunderstorms clear a path for your drive home.
10. Sing out loud.

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