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Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Is it true that a cluttered desk is equal to a cluttered mind?

During my time based in, I was the inhabitant of a cube which could be described best as 'order in the chaos'. My organizational style was one only I could decode, and that's all I needed to worry about. The piles on top of piles had their place, and I knew exactly what pile to rifle through or push aside as the need arose. Paper swatches, offset printing proofs, and samples galore amidst creative briefs, meeting agendas, and post-it notes...these things filled the 3.75 walls of my cube and that was perfectly ok.

In my personal opinion, the state of my desk was not indicative of any sort of organizational problem in my actual werk performed. Having instant access to the key documents for the 30-50 campaigns I was werking on at a time was crucial. Hence, the piles.

Now I am an army of one, driving meetings over the phone and getting werk accomplished through emails and texts.  I just realized, I've 'gone green'! The largest amount of paper produced by me is the amount of receipts collected while travelling. Which I hate to throw away...just in case! I need a system or a shoe box or something to keep these slips of paper accessible but not on my desk.

I have also started to acquire quite the library of werk-related books. I picked up two just last week, in addition to three that I need to start reading. Too bad they aren't audio books, I could have finished off at least two of them in my recent travels! Time to de-clutter and do a little summer cleaning today, I think!

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