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Thursday, July 7, 2011

expert traveller

This time, i have already packed the phone charger, the headphones, downloaded some tunes to my ipod...the only thing I am debating is whether or not to pack my blowdryer in my carry-on suitcase. to pack, or not to pack...that is the question.

I could pack it, and lug it around the airport, to the rental car, to the room, and back. Or I could leave it, and keep my fingers crossed that the blowdryer in my hotel room will be adequate and not slow me down unnecessarily as I get ready the next three mornings. Right now I'm thinking, don't pack it.

The other item I am debating is my GPS navigator. I know a lot of rental cars come with GPS systems now, or I could probably upgrade at the I have a fabulous google maps app on my phone which is wonderful...when I have service.

Decision made: I just added a GPS system to my rental car deal and will bank on the hotel quality hairdryers. I think...

Off to the land of cheese, beer, and Christian Festivals!!

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