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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

8 minute post

I have 8 minutes until my first meeting of the morning. Here are my random home.werker thoughts for now:
  • I am glad I am sitting at my desk, in the home office, still in my pajamas. No need to make the 100 mile round trip today, and that's a beautiful thing. 
  • I am wondering how long it will take the house to heat up to a balmy 85 degrees since we don't have AC...and where will I go to werk when that happens?
  • How is Lexi surviving the heat?! Poor thing...definitely need to include some swimming for her in the day's schedule. 
  • My time at is about 90% social and interpersonal, and 10% werk related. No wonder I feel so behind in the job at hand! (I also feel great about the people I have connected with's just crazy how unbalanced time at tends to be!)
  • I have a 3 day werk week. Tomorrow is another drive down for HR training, Thursday is another drive down for a team 'retreat' and Friday is a Division Picnic...which I am probably not going to attend...? Too bad all of these half days can't be combined into a productive day and a half...
  • I can't believe July is almost over...seriously, when did that happen?

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