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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Social Media & Freel Will

I attended a 'social media summit' with some of my colleagues this morning, and one of the quotes referenced was something like, "Engaging with social media is not a choice, it's something you must do. It's your choice what you do with it".

Really?! Even for a 'millenial' like me who spends daily time on Facebook and blogs, perhaps it's my rebellious-anti-establishment-streak that makes me say, I don't NEED a facebook account! I choose it. No one is making me do this but myself.

Do you know anyone under the age of 60 who doesn't have facebook? I originally typed under the age of 80 because one of the easiest ways for me to keep in touch with my Grandma is on Facebook. She's pretty savvy with things like email and social networking, and I know she reads this blog (hi, Grandma!)...but I don't expect everyone's Grandma's to be as on top of it as mine is!

So, back to my question: Do you know anyone under the age of 60 who doesn't have facebook? Including my in-laws, and a friend I recently re-connected with from college, I know three people. Maybe four, who are outspoken about their choice not to have Facebook accounts. All of them have valid reasons for not joining, like: If you want to know what's going on in my life, you'll just call me. Or, I'm in a job that already exposes me to a lot to the community, why do I need to share more of my life with people online? Or better yet, who has time for that?!

Like I said, all valid reasons, but guess what: I do still call you when I want to know what's going on in your life (and hopefully it works both ways!), You can set up your Facebook account (and now, Google+) to control how much people know about you, and it's does kind of take up a little time. For some of us, a lot of time.

So while some brave souls may be living life in a facebook free world, the rest of us have found all sorts of practical uses for it, whether it's just to find out about discounts to restaurants/new music albums/media, or to stay connected with your loved ones far away...or even just to advertise your business. Facebook is a social norm, but as one person in a meeting yesterday said, "One day, Facebook will no longer I wonder what the next big thing will be?".

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