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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Welcome to my home office, a place with a sweet little view of the backyard, and place to prop up your feet and ponder the werk at hand, and to let the creative juices flow while listening to my Civil Wars Pandora Station. Please note, I am sportin' my sassy red TOMS shoes that Jake gave me for an anniversary present.

The ambiance of the home office is fairly chill. It's a space where hard werk gets pounded out, but any amount of strategizing, planning, and ending poverty can happen. When people learn that I am werking from home, the first question is almost always, "Don't you get distracted?". Of course I do a little, but don't you land.of.cubicle werkers also get distracted? Often I find that when I have to spend time in the land.of.cubicles, all creative thought and ability to truly focus on that tasks at hand, gets ridiculously interrupted.

Life in the home office is usually interupted by the following: Lexi grumping at the door to be let in. Lexi grumping at the door to be let out. Husband shutting the door to keep the noise in. Stirring the crockpot. Changing the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Watering the plants. Getting more coffee.

Seldom am I confronted with what is affectionately called the 'drive by meeting' that happens often in the cubicle environment. This is when someone swings by to talk, and two hours later you wrap up the therapy session for them by telling them you will now be coming into work at 6am tomorrow to make up for lost time. Smile. Use body language to communicate the conversation is over and you really do have things to get done. Turn your back on them if necessary, especially if they start talking to you about Twilight or complaining about the boss.

I have become a more engaged and focussed employee, in my new job that allows me to werk from home. I have begun charting a path for personal growth and development, along with my job related goals and outcomes. I have become more well-read with current thought leaders, I have actually started listening to music I enjoy again, and I have the freedom to share the things I am learning with my co-werkers. These things didn't happen or even have the opportunity to exist in

So while I might get distracted making myself a latte or watering my begonias on occasion,  these are welcome distractions that often provide the mental space to do some creative thinking. Imagine that!

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