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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's Fall in Colorado. I've got the Slatkin & Co. 'leaves' scented candle burning, I'm bundled in an old quilt and watching the first crisp yellow leaves fall from a grey sky. Of course, it will be back in the 70's and 80's by tomorrow, but today I am sitting alone in the house wondering if it's too soon to crank up the heat!

How ironic, considering that one month ago I was literally baking in my office as our thermostat INSIDE the house climbed to an average of 86-87 degrees each day.

Having grown up in the 'northeast', or 'back east' as people say, I actually LOVE fall. I love the energy of kids going back to school, church programs starting back up, watching falls sports again. There is a rhythm to autumn that is just as crisp and punctuated as the cold clean air that blows the colorful leaves off the trees. The sound of rakes dragging across a yard; the rusty orange, vibrant red, and mustard yellow hues that decorate everything from trees to napkins!

Autumn is cozy and chilly at the same time, with just enough of both to delight the senses. It's that balance of spicy warmth with the first cool breeze that is so very enjoyable. The season in the northeast was incredible, and seemed to last from September to Christmas day sometimes. I long for that solid season of time where everyone was slipping back into their routines, with little celebrations like Halloween and Thanksgiving along the way.

I love the weather in Colorado, but I miss the four even seasons of my childhood home in Newtown, PA. You had just enough time to enjoy and experience everything the season had to offer, and by the time it passed, you were ready for what was next...but you weren't exhausted by what just was. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this fall, Denver will offer some more color than Colorado Springs did, and perhaps the cool autumn atmosphere will linger just a little longer, since I no longer have to worry about staring at the snow on Pike's Peak everyday to tell me that winter is on his way.


  1. I agree - four, fairly equal seasons is truly delightful and the rhythm it provides to life is also wonderful. Diane Manders went out and bought me the leaves candle (and a few other yummy ones!!) because she saw I 'liked' your post on FB about those scents - wasn't that super sweet?! Love you!