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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time Warp

Werking from home makes me a victim of a time warp. So many times this week I have found myself still in my pj's at 3pm wondering, how in the world did THIS happen and more importantly, did I brush my teeth this morning?

I have not had a ton of meetings lately, so I've been sucked into the cyber world of emails and research for different projects I have going on. I'm sitting here now wondering how in the world it's already 11:30, almost time for lunch! 

One of the hardest parts about being the.home.werker is having pretty important meetings via phone, and then hanging up, and having no one to debrief with. Just me and my bad self (oh, and Lexi!), wondering how the meeting really went and if I did an ok job representing what I'm working on to my boss, his boss, and their peers. Talk about anti-climactic. I probably need to go walk this off and tune out for a bit. I'm sure Lexi won't mind, most of her day consists of this anyway:

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