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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Background Noise

Today is a very windy day along the front range, so much so that Lexi is actually huddled at my feet, seeking some sort of security from the banging and howling outside. Today is not a good day to try and be on a conference call, on your cell phone, one of my co.werkers just tried to do.

It is also NEVER a good day to be on a conference call while sitting in a busy starbucks...or any coffee shop for that matter. My co.werker stepped inside a starbucks to get out of the wind, and I still have sounds of the steamer, a high pitched beep, and 'pumpkin spiced latte for Jenna!!!' ringing in my ears. All of that, and I'm sitting here without any coffee to call my own, just a sore right ear from the crazy background noise of my last conference call.

When in doubt, werk from home, a locked office, or even your car.

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