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Monday, October 31, 2011


As I was reviewing my upcoming week, I began to realize I had one, two, three ALL DAY meetings at this week, along with a snow storm prediction for Tuesday into Wednesday. REALLY?! Now there's a way to start your Monday off with a bang, home.werker.

Hotel room grudgingly booked, laundry finally moving, and dinners dates being set. At least I can get a 'dinner and Parenthood' date in with one of my great friends who lives in the Springs and shares the same deep love I have for the Braverman family at 9pm every Tuesday evening.

Now I just need to focus on packing in the midst of trick-or-treater this evening. Let's hope we actually get some cute kiddos knocking on the door this year. Last year, Jake and I had to eat all the candy ourselves since not one single kid showed up...I'd really rather give all of our candy away this year (at least what's left of it!).

Happy Halloween!
What Lexi would be if I could get her to agree.

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