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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Happy Monday/Wednesday to ME!

I'm back, after a nice trip to Minnesota for a multitude of excellent reasons, it's first day back at werk and it feels like a Monday. The kind of Monday where your co.werkers werk ALL weekend and flood your inbox...but you refuse to check-in.

I signed into Outlook this morning to discover that my mailbox was completely full, so not only did I have 200 new messages to go through, but I had to go through a year's worth of old emails before I could start responding to any new emails. BLEH.

It's noon, I've had two meetings about websites for different projects I'm working on, and my brain is spinning! I guess that's better than wading through emails endlessly and trying to push the rusty switch in my brain back into home.werker mode!

But to be totally honest, I'd rather still be hanging out with my two adorable nephews and my family in Minnesota. There's just nothing better...but Lexi is doing a great job keeping me company this morning and I have to say, I missed her A LOT!

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  1. I'm happy you got to go back to Minnesota to meet your new nephew and to spend time with your family.

    Lexi is beautiful - his coat is wonderful. He reminds me of my grand-dog, Brian - also a Golden.

    I enjoy reading your blog, home.werker.