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Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, Home.werker style

Life has been quite busy lately! We've had a few visitors and a lot going on, but it's all been a blast. We just spent the weekend in Steamboat Springs, CO with Jake's parents. I've never been to Steamboat before, but now I find myself wishing it wasn't so stinkin' far away. It's an awesome town in a gorgeous place, and I know Jake and I both caught ourselves wondering if we could live there someday. I bet we'd still get lots of visitors if we lived in Steamboat:).

One thing my mother-in-law asked me was,"Are Mondays the same when you werk from home?". Honestly, they are not 'the same' in many ways. There is no bleary eyed picking out of the outfit (that does not include jeans!), no desperate attempt to prop my eyes open with a run through the Starbucks drive thru, or a desire to remain invisible to all of my co-werkers for at least the first two hours of the wretched day... Wow, I guess I didn't really like Mondays in!

There is still a teeny bit of mourning that occurs as you realize you've got five more days until the weekend and that your quality time with the spouse is decreasing for the next five days as he gets back into his routine. But werking from home, Mondays are little easier to monitor and you can pace yourself and you really ARE invisible to your co.werkers, at least physically!

Here's to Mondays, and that fact that we've almost made it through this one, no matter where you are werking!

I think I need this t-shirt.

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