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Thursday, October 13, 2011

when it rains

Do you ever feel like the saying 'when it rains, it pours' is just completely dead-on? I find that happens a lot with werk related stuff, and I'm probably particularly sensitive to it now that I have enjoyed almost two full months of not having to travel for werk. I have gotten into the home.werker groove and anything that rips me out of that can feel slightly traumatic at first! I'll go kicking-and-screaming, but usually I am happy I went.

That happened to me earlier this week, and that is why Jake and I are headed out soon to help host a movie premier that is sponsored by my organization. There's nothing like being asked/told you have a public speaking gig with less than two days to prepare for an audience you know very little about...and oh yeah, it's on a week night.

I don't mind doing stuff outside of traditional hours, but would I rather be watching Grey's Anatomy than this film for the umpteenth time, I hate to admit it, but yes, yes I would. (That's some of my kicking and screaming I referred to earlier).

So backing to the 'it pours' part, I'm also heading down to the Air Force Academy for a team offsite tomorrow, which will likely take up most of my day. I'm realizing I still need to gas up the car and buy salad for our dinner party we're going to tomorrow night. Lots to do here tonight! Thank goodness for 24 hour grocery stores (who also give you rewards points for gas! score!).

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