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Monday, October 10, 2011

Nap Time

So Jake is winding down his first half of the semester, and the next two weeks he'll have more free time than he could have ever dreamed of over the last month. After spending 55 hours a week in the hospital and classroom for the past four weeks, he has earned a break!

However, after coming home from his Simulation Exam this morning and catching up with me for a bit, I asked him to help me with the laundry by stripping the sheets off of the bed in our guest room. My dear friend from high school spent the weekend with us, and Jake's parent are coming to visit next week! Time to get fresh sheets on the guest bed. Well, the bed has been stripped of its sheets, but my home office now has a new occupant...

I am digging out of my Monday morning emails and trying establish priorities for the week, but I'm still kind of's Monday! I love my husband dearly, and I know he needs the rest, but the sound of his breathing while sleeping is making me more tired than's time for the.home.werker to relocate to the living room so he can continue his nap and I can resist the urge to also take a mid-monday-morning nap!

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