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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2 hour Delay

It's 5:34 am, do you know where your children are?
Just kidding, it's 5:34 AM, and you just got a super loud text letting you know that due to snow, you don't have to roll out of your hotel room until 10am today....due to the 'blizzard' that just blew into Colorado Springs. (i.e., in Colorado Springs, this means 2-3 inches of snow + wind + REFUSAL to REMOVE SNOW FROM THE ROADS).

Having lived in the Springs for 2 and half years before moving to Denver, I can honestly say, Colorado Springs has absolutely no plan/skill/resources for plowing/snow removal...ever. It snowed? Oh, you should all stay home. Because all major roadways (forget neighborhood streets) will be impassible until the snow melts.

I don't mind the extra two hours of sleep, and I was especially thankful I was able to grab a hotel room last night and avoided a dicey drive down from Denver this morning. But seriously, Colorado Springs?
Don't worry, I grabbed this picture from someone else...I was definitely not snapping pictures while driving!

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  1. SHEw! Thank you for the caption on your picture! :)