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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


After a four day holiday for Thanksgiving, and recovering from a nasty 24 hour stomach flu on Sunday, I'm dragging a bit this week. I even counted the number of possible werk days remaining until we *might* start the drive home to MN for Christmas break. I'm feeling stuck in that werk slump between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, where there is so much to do, but I just want to be curled up in flannel pj's, gathered around the Christmas tree with my family, my pup, and some hot cocoa.

I'm looking for some motivation, some concentration, an urgency to push through this holiday season slump and get a lot accomplished in the next three weeks. I've got quite a few projects, I just need to dive in and get them kicked off. I also need to get over my doubt that anyone wants to start new projects at werk right now...

Before the thermostat drops from 60 to 20 degrees tomorrow, I might just need to get my buns outside for some fresh rocky mountain air and some vitamin D. Maybe that will push me through this slump-bump. Bleh.

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  1. I have been out getting my vitamin D the last two mornings with the sunrise and it has definitely helped me out! I hear you! Hang in there - let the countdown begin! :)