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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saran Wrap

Our house is *almost* ready for the holidays. We have trimmed the tree, put up lights, and started playing the classic christmas music. Another tradition we had adopted in the past three years is one that doesn't really have anything to do with the birth of Jesus...but the temperature of our drafty rental home.

We wrap our windows in saran wrap.

By 'we', I mean Jake. By saran wrap, I mean...those special plastic window kits you buy at the hardware store...and I'm pretty sure it's saran wrap. I resist this tradition every year, partly because it is so humbling and makes me feel like we don't live in a very nice place. I know that's not true, I love the house we have rented, it's just older and the windows are about 50 years drafty cold air tends to find it's way into our home a little easier.

I just hate the way it looks when I pull up to the house at night and my car headlights bounce off the saran wrap in the window. I know it's vain, but in reality, I do appreciate the added warmth it brings to our house during the cold winter months.

Especially since I am home all day, and sit right next to a window. No need to freeze my buns off in the home office.

Jake is one of the most handy, smart, diligent, disciplined, thoughtful people I know. (Good thing I married him!). It takes hours of taping and blow drying the saran wrap to the windows each year, and I know he's doing it for us, to keep us just a little warmer. And I am so thankful that his practical side more often than not, wins out over my vain side.

Now for some hot cocoa....
Some day, maybe we'll have nice new windows like this...wherever we live!

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