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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Things I like

As I enter into Month 11 of being the.home.werker, I am reminded not to take certain things for granted.

For instance, Jake had his clinicals delayed a week, so I get to have some extra time with him this week. Not that we actually sit around and hang out together all day, but occasionally passing in the kitchen, on the way to the bathroom, or taking random breaks during the day to visit him in his office...these are all little things I know I love, and I know I miss him when he's not around. Even if we're both in our respective offices with the doors closed, it's just nice to know he's there.

Another item to continue to appreciate, one that I'm not always proud of but I continue to enjoy: I'm still in my PJ's. Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon I change into my sweats to take Lexi for a walk, and then it's back into the PJ's for bedtime later at night.

I haven't used tupperware or packed a lunch in ten months! That's.just.awesome.

We are heading into cold/flu season, and I don't have to cringe every time I hear a co.werker sneeze or sniffle. Germs? No thank you.

The mute button on my phone. It still werks, as far as I know, and between letting Lexi in and out mutliple times during one conference call, my own sneezes and sniffles, and driving around...this mute button is a modern miracle not to be taken for granted.

Let's not forget the ability to keep laundry moving, too!

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