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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The 4pm sugar slump.

Sad but true: I am the girl who used to used to count her favorite candy to fall asleep, instead of sheep. I am also the girl who gave up any form of refined sugar for 2 whole years. Right now, I am the girl who just wants to take a nap because it's almost 4pm and my body is busy digesting the chinese food I ate for the couch across the room looks super cozy...

Do you have that certain time of day, especially at werk, when you just know that you have two choices: slump or cave? Slump=tick off the remaining hour or two of your day in a drowsy haze tucked quiety inside of your cube. Cave= scavenge, forage, hunt for any scrap of sugar, chocolate or caffiene that may have been haphazardly left around the office. Just CAVE in and go for it, it will get you through the rest of this crazy day!

I have taken many approaches to this slump or cave dilemma. During my sugar free years, I was the least likely visitor to the calorie counter (my poor assistant's desk which gathered all unwanted/free-for-the-taking sweets/treats). During my sugar-FUL years, I was (and still can be) quite a monster!

I was known to keep a bag of Dove chocolates in my drawer, an artillery ready and waiting to shoot me through those slumpy afternoons. Unfortunately, these Dove chocolates with their clever wrapper quotes are easy to eat and lose count of, and definitely stick to the hips!

To any young girl new to the werkforce or Land of Cubicles, if you want to keep your figure, be sure you are stashing carrots, whole grain crackers, and fruit in your drawer to help you through any anticipated slump. Also, don't give in and partake of every delectable day-old dessert your co.werkers bring to the office since they 'didn't want it lying around at home'. That's code for, 'I knew you'd snarf it down and consume the extra calories for me!'. There's my public service announcement of the day.

As for me, I'm on a three day exercise streak with the dog, so I'm going to make it four and walk away from the kitchen, and the couch. I guess the third option instead of, slump or cave, could be RUN!

Here's a question for you my dear co.werkers, how do you handle the slump/cave/run complex when it rears it's nasty head? Go ahead and comment! :)

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