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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

homewerker, defined.

Let me clarify one thing, this is a blog about working from home. title caught your eye though, didn't it? (no, this is not about a home 'wrecker').

Recently, I transitioned into a new role at my company and I am now set up with a home office. Well, currently I am working on an old Dell laptop, on a card table in my kitchen, with some minor back pain...ergonomically correct chair and big-girl office furniture is soon to come. Thank goodness!

So while I wait for my upgraded gear to arrive, and excitedly pick out which colorful office supplies to procure for myself, I thought it might be an excellent time to kick start this blog. I am a right-brained, extroverted, twenty-something with a need to do a brain dump every once in a while...which will hopefully serve to entertain you as I make my maiden voyage into the world of working from home.

I welcome any feedback/comments/suggestions, sign up and be my 'co.werker' and follow along!

One of my favorite work related pictures to date: on a project in the UK, working late at night from the hotel lobby. beautiful, isn't it?


  1. Excited to follow you Jill! Except, how do I get notified when you make a new entry???

  2. Hi Bre! I think you can follow me by signing up to 'follow' on the left column?

  3. Hi Jill. Thanks to Em, I now have your blog address and have enjoyed your posts to date - and look forward to reading more. By the way, Lexi is beautiful! Good luck in your new werk situation!

  4. Hey Jill, it's Linnea. Ems told me to stop your way and since you're a great writer, I got sucked in!
    I'm interested to see how "werking" at home works for you; I've always wanted to do it in a professional capacity. :)

  5. how fun! thanks for following me, Donna and Linnea!