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Friday, February 25, 2011

Cash Flow

I am always thankful when 'Pay Day Friday' rolls around, it gives our bank account a little extra room to breath, even though we've got the same bills to pay at the same time each month. God, in his infinite wisdom, matched me up with an incredible husband who is also an incredible saver. The past few years have been heavily focussed on socking away savings to minimize the amount of debt we'd have to acrrue while he is in school. It has been a huge blessing to learn how to practice the discipline of financial planning with Jake, but also to have the cash flow to do so!

Now that I am werking from home, it's a lot easier for me to reflect on ways I might have used our 'cash flow' diffrently when I was werking in the Land of Cubicles. A coffee date here, lunch out with friends there, drinks after werk on occasion. All of these are great opportunities to indulge in my love of eating out and my love of people! Very often, stewardship of our cash flow would take bottom priority when these opportunities presented themselves to me. (Very much the way the Starbucks on the corner of Garden of the Gods Rd. and Cenntenial Blvd. presented itself to me 1...2...3 times a week!).

My venti skinny Vanilla Latte was a comforting reward for long hours at the end of a productive week. There's nothing like the feeling of starting an 8am meeting, Starbucks in hand. Perhaps Starbucks is to me, what shoulder pads and power suits were to women in the 90's?!
As the.homewerker, I brew my own coffee every morning, make banana nut muffins from scratch sometimes, and pour my own glass of Malbec on occasion at the end of the work day. Perhaps werking from home will tighten up that leaky faucet in our cash flow, otherwise known as "Jill's non-budgeted budget".

I've also cut down on the number of miles I put on our car each week, gallons of gas consumed, and I'm guessing we might even be able to write a decent amount of expenses off in our taxes next year. As far as my company is concerned, when looking at the DBE (Distributed Building Expense) for having me in a cube vs. having me as the.homewerker, the.homewerker looks a lot better on paper!

So far, I think I've engaged in a win-win situation...although I did just discover a coffee shop a few blocks from our home that makes a mean mocha picante (i think there's cinnamon infused cocoa in it!)...perhaps we'll reserve that for special occasions when I need a break from home office.

Have a wonderful weekend, may the rest of your werk week go quickly, end with a smooth commute, and a relaxing Friday night!

For you Starbucks lovers out there, consider this before you impact your cash flow...and your stomach...with this novel size...the Trenta!

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  1. I'm so glad one of us isn't giving all of our extra cash flow to Starbucks!!! It certainly isn't happening in the Horn household :)