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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why work sucks and how to fix it.

No schedules, no meetings, no joke-- the simple change that can make your job terrific.

The title of this blog and that first sentence is the title and lead-in to a book, written by two lovely Minnesotan women, who are pioneering the Results Only Work Environment methodology (ROWE) or movement...and I just spent all a mandatory meeting...learning about why this is the direction my company should or is going. Ironic? Maybe just a little.

First things first, working for a conservative Christian organization, headquartered in Colorado Springs, and led largely by a group of white male boomers, these sassy ladies from MN didn't exactly win the hearts of everyone in the audience. However, they provoked a lot of interesting thoughts and discussions, which will do nothing but further the cause of the ROWE.

I'm already considered a 'regional' employee by my company's standards, which is basically everything from the traditional concept of home office and telecommuting, to the more progressive concept of ROWE where your work and life a balanced and happy with each other. I'm not totally sold on ROWE for myself, because I don't like the concept of being on call 24/7 (as long as my actions are producing results). I just really like shutting my computer at the end of an 8-5 day, and not having to check in or answer work calls on the weekends. And, my dearest co.werkers, up until this point in my life, I think I have managed this make this approach/work ethic/whatever you call it, work for me.

I mean, happy hour in the middle of the day sure could be nice at times, or even not setting an alarm on Monday morning if I don't need to be 'producing results', but seriously people...the trade off of also being expected to answer emails, calls, and possibly even attend meetings on my sacred weekend and holidays or during off hours...I don't know how much my concrete sequential mind can handle right now.

So, first things first, I should probably actually read the book. While I have welcomed 'werking from home' into my life, I am not totally sold on ROWEING from home just yet.

NOW it's time for happy hour and yummy dinner with a wonderful friend...more thoughts from the homewerker later.


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