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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Make Room!

Ever since we relocated to Denver a little over three months ago, I have claimed the guest bedroom as my future office, and have turned it into a dumping ground for boxes from my old office...and pretty much anything else random that is lying around the house without a home.

I work best under pressure, so when the Pottery Barn delivery guy called yesterday to arrange for the in-home delivery of my new desk and cabinets, I figured it was time to make some room!

So far I have worked my way through four boxes of work samples, mementos, and supplies. I even managed to throw some stuff away! The biggest obstacle to getting the room set for my new furniture is still that gigantic printing genius sitting it's 117 lb. self in the exact spot I am hoping my new desk will go. (Insert helpful hubby, here.)

Goodbye backache from the card table I've been sitting at! So long disorganized stack of papers that has been migrating between my briefcase and the card table for the past month! Hello beautiful brand new furniture and all of the organizational saavy you will bring to my life. I have been waiting for you.

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