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Monday, February 7, 2011


Happy Monday, co.werkers! Regardless of the team you were rooting for in the Superbowl last night, I hope you all enjoyed the 6,000 calories estimated to be consumed by most Americans, as well as that adorable VW commercial with the mini-Darth Vader appearance. Least favorite on the Superbowl commercial list for me? The tacky and insensitive Groupon commercial that had no shame about exploiting the poverty of the Tibetan people for a good deal on their food. Boo!!! (stepping off my soapbox.........)

As I enter my 4th consecutive week of being a homewerker, I am also slightly dreading this week. Not necessarily because of the 5-10 inches of snow that is supposed to arrive along the entire front range tonight, but more so, because of the three all-day meetings, plus dinner meetings, I have lined up in Colorado Springs. While I know I will be thankful for my 4-wheel drive vehicle and being able to crash on the couches and spare beds of people of love, I am not super excited about the following things:

1. Spending 4 nights away from Jake and Lexi, and the creature comforts of being in my own home.
2.Planning 4 consecutive days of professional work attire before I leave...chenille track suit and jeggings will likely not make the cut. How in the world did I do this everyday?
3. I am a bundle of nerves, as I head into a long week, surrounded by highly motivated and energized coworkers, who are also mostly extroverts. While this is definitely one of my favorite parts about working where I do (the people), I'm working with a new crew now so I'm slightly intimidated, although I know I'll come through it with 50 new bff's. I hope!

Now I hope you'll join me in sending up a quick prayer that the boss approves a hotel room in the Springs for me tonight so that I don't have to drive through 5-10 inches of snow tomorrow morning! White knuckle drive with your morning coffee? No thank you!

(I have been finding these nationwide weather maps slightly amusing lately...check out all that blue!)

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