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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

participating in the day: redefined.

i am working really hard to get over my nasty habit of getting up before 7am every day, brushing my teeth, showering, putting on makeup, doing my hair, and then jumping into a snappy outfit that says "I am young, cute, AND professional".

ok, just kidding.

while I have done all of those things religiously for the past 6 years, which is something I referred to in college as 'participating in the day', I think I have successfully kicked this habit. Well my dear co.werkers, it only took me one week to purchase my very first chenille track suit...and I LOVE IT.

I bought one in dark gray, but now, stick with me here, maybe I need one color for every day of the week? Genius, no?!

the hardest part of working from home and following my strict dress code has basically been figuring out when to change out of my pajamas into my other more comfortable clothes. gross, right? I get up, hop on email at 8am, and just kind of get sucked into my morning coffee, calls and emails without remembering that I'm still in my PJ's. Personal hygiene goal for this next week: change out of PJ's and into work clothes before 10am.

also, I am now testing out how many days a week I actually need to wash my hair, and I am already calculating how much stinkin' money I'm going to save on makeup...since I lacquer it on only a few days a week now. don't worry too much, I'm not totally letting myself go...just gettin' back to the basics.
 so far, Lexi (my golden retriever), and Jake (my husband) don't seem to mind!

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