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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

4 Years!

It's hard to believe that four years ago today, the.home.werker was sitting in White Bear Lake, MN waiting to get her 'up-do' for the big day with all of her closest girlfriends, sister, and mom. The day was sunny, in the 80's, with a clear sky and the perfect summer 'ambiance'. Every little detail fell right into place (i think!), the church was packed with 200 of our closest friends and family, and then we had what is now a legendary dinner/dance reception, thanks to the entertaining style of our DJ. Oh, and the cocktail reception overlooking the golf course as the sun was setting wasn't half bad either!

This post is dedicated to my husband, best friend, and renaissance man, Jake! Jake cooks, cleans, hunts, fixes cars, works on a ranch, sews buttons back on clothes, snuggles with our dog-child, and loves to work with his hands...even if that means brewing beer from our kitchen and making homemade bbq sauce.  Jake is a sensitive guy, the least judgmental person you will ever meet, and finds incredibly terrifying things like backpacking the grand canyon while it's still snowy, or cutting up the elk that he be rejuvenating!

Jake is a 'do it yourself' kind of guy, if there's a way to get something done, he'll figure it out! Some of these projects over the past four years have included:
-making wooden advent wreaths for his friends
-rebuilding a forty year old motor cycle engine
-cooking things like ravioli, split pea soup, and our Easter ham like a pro in the kitchen
-replacing the brakes on our jeep, the hood mounts, and fixing the AC. He also installed a new motor in his car for the driver's side window.
-Jake wired his car with an ipod jack...I still to this day do not know how he did that.
- in addition to brewing his own beer, Jake also made some of the best hard cider I have ever had!
-refinishing cheap Ikea furniture and free furniture from the side of the road into a matching set.
-he is currently growing a nice little crop of carrots in our garden patch.

As you can see, I am married to a man of many talents. He is passionate about the outdoors, he is creative, and he has the patience of a saint (which has helped him accomplish all of the projects I just listed, including being married to me!).

Even though he's often at class while I am werking from home, I love when I hear the turn of his key in the front door. Just having him close by brings me incredible peace and comfort, even if I'm in the middle of a conference call and he's in the middle of some crazy Pathology reading assignment. His companionship and commitment to our marriage are often what make werking from home a lot less lonely. I love you, Jake!


  1. Thanks, Donna! We watched our wedding video tonight and it was so fun to see you, Pat, Jan, Jerry and Aunt Liz!