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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Life Lesson

I have learned a few things through some tough situations over recent years.

1: The more negativity you speak over a situation or person, the worse your perspective and ability to think clearly will be.
2: If you are a person of integrity, and honor your words with actions that match, people will notice and trust you, respect you, and look for opportunities to give to you. You shouldn't need to tell people you are 'being honest' or that they can trust you, that only makes people wonder why you feel the need to say such things.
3: Sometimes werking for a faith-based organization can make you want to quit because religion is too intertwined with politics.
4: Other times, werking for a faith-based organization with honest and discerning people can help cut away from the religion and politics, and restore your faith in your belief you are working with like-minded people toward a greater purpose.

I learned #4 today, and while I'm still in the middle of an interesting situation, I feel affirmed, supported and hopeful. Today was a great trip to!

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