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Friday, June 10, 2011


Do your days and weeks ever seems to turn into a complete blur? I'm having one of those weeks, where I can't even fully appreciate the fact that it's Friday because I didn't really even notice Monday- Thursday as distinct days of the werk week. Yes, there's a lot going on this week, but I think this blur might be symptom of being the.home.werker.

I don't check werk emails on the weekend, and I'm really REALLY good about not even thinking about werk when I'm not supposed to (like on Saturdays and Sundays). But on Monday-Friday, I have my office in my home, and aside from the emails and meetings, there is nothing to make it distinctly a Monday or Friday. No, "Dear, God, please help me get through this day" as I walk through the doors on a Monday morning, exhausted from my incredible weekend and quality time with Jake. No building or desk to slap me in the face and remind me it's Monday, and I'm not at home anymore.  I don't even remember what I wore on what day of the week anymore, because it simply doesn't matter. Which is honestly really nice.

When it comes to Friday, there is no 'buzz in the air' and I don't get to watch the office go dark after 2pm on a sunny summer Friday afternoon as people sneak out to their cars a little too early. There is no awesome feeling of putting together a cute 'casual friday outfit' that incorporates cute jeans and heels, because today my friends, I am wearing stretchy-werk-out-pants.

So maybe a small part of me misses the werk-wardrobe required by the land.of.cubicles, because it's one way I always used to express my creativity and personality in a And maybe part of me misses knowing the enthusiasm of 'TGIF, get ME OUTTA HERE!' feeling as I sped toward happy hour with some girlfriends.

However, it's Friday, and we've got some fun stuff planned for the weekend...and because I'm the home.werker, I don't have to stress about getting clean sheets on the bed for our guest, planning what I'm bringing to the bbq this afternoon, or when I am going to get the house clean. This can all happy simultaneously while werking from home. And I can still pull together a cute jeans/heels outfit for my Friday night really, Happy Friday to me! (and you too!).

I just did a google images search for 'stretchy pants'. You should thank me for not being willing to post any of the atrocious images that I now have burned in my mind...sick.

Funny Workplace Ecard: Please stop scheduling Friday afternoon meetings.

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