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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fever Pitch

I am running at a million miles an hour and I can feel it in my bones. Even taking time to spend with family this past weekend, I had this nagging urge to bury myself in werk and not come up for air until I had tackled everything in front of me. I am on a roll right now, and it feels good, but it is sometimes hard to turn off.

I think this fever pitch feeling is indicative of werking for a highly purpose-driven organization that also seeks to develop and challenge it's employees. It's a good thing and probably the reason why I am staring my 3 year anniversary with the organization in the face and wouldn't dream of leaving yet. For a restless and driven Millenial, that's a big deal.  Most of us average 2 years with a company and move on and move up.

Random thought of the day:
Here's something new I learned from a webinar with Guy Kawasaki today. One of the 10 ways to 'enchant' people is to have a genuine Duchenne Smile. It's combination of smiling with your mouth and smiling with your eyes (or smizing, according to Tyra Banks). Apparently this is endearing and promotes likability. According to Wikipedia: “Research with adults initially indicated that joy was indexed by generic smiling, any smiling involving the raising of the lip corners by the zygomatic major…. More recent research suggests that smiling in which the muscle around the eye contracts, raising the cheeks high (Duchenne smiling), is uniquely associated with positive emotion.”[15]

It also means you are showing off your crows feet if you really know how to smile. 

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