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Friday, June 3, 2011

for you or from you?

Thanks to my incredible sister-in-law, Ann, I now have a new approach to greeting cards. I usually cringe at the thought of plunking down $3-6 for an occasion-specific card, when I know that I have the ability and supplies to make cards for people...if only I would plan ahead a little more. Ah, the price of convenience when you are a procrastinator.

I find a lot of joy in finding the right gift to give to people, especially if it's going to surprise them or make them laugh as they open it. I was able to give Ann her belated birthday card in person this year, and since we are still getting to know each other, I figured I'd stay away from the gushy 'sister-in-law' cards (of which there are none), and go straight for the classic-Ridder-potty-humor card.

When Ann opened the card and saw the pudgy man wearing cut-off jean shorts so short and tight that his hairy butt cheeks were poking out, I knew it was the moment of truth...and she passed with flying colors. She got as big of a kick out of it as I did picking it out, and I'll never forget what my brother Josh said: "That's not a card FOR Ann, that's a card FROM Jill!".

He got me there, but ever since that day, Ann has found and sent me at least two more holiday versions of the hairy-butt-cheek cards, and I have been on the receiving end....not the giving end. So, perhaps the card really was FOR Ann in the first place, because now I am bound and determined to find every theme of this card that exists on planet earth...and if I can't do that, I might just have to photoshop some together!

This post is relevant to homewerking because this lovely piece of 'Easter' art arrived in the mail and is sitting on my desk. It's hard not to look at, isn't it?? :)


  1. Beans this is hilarious! I am also on a mission to find every version of this card and send each and every one of them to YOU!