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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Does she know?

Hard at work!
So it's taken almost an entire year, but Lexi now is my office-mate. She has been getting less and less nervous about being in the office room (ever since the loud chair incident), and I think moving a little sleeping mat in here for her also helped give her a 'place' to be.

I have to ask myself, does she know I'm pregnant? Lately, she's been literally sleeping on my feet most of the day, and is no more than two feet from wherever I happen to land. I love my little golden shadow, but this is clingy behavior, even for her. I have read some blogs about dogs 'knowing' that their owners were pregnant, noticing the different movements or growing belly, and some dogs even become aggressively over protective of their pregnant owners. Lexi doesn't know the meaning of the word 'aggressive', unless it's in relation to her snuggling skills.

The other night, as I was wondering about her newly clingy behavior, she came and sat in between my legs while I was seated on the couch, turned around and sniffed then carefully gave my belly a few sweet kisses. Seriously?! I'm pretty sure she knows (aside from the fact that I often tell her what a great big sister she's going to be!), and I even got a little picture of it to prove that it happened...

Saying 'hi' to Baby D.


  1. Just a thought ~ she may hear the baby's heartbeat.

    My dughter Heidi's Golden, Brian, was very jealous of her son, Marshall, when he was born. Marshall is 3 yrs. old now, and Brian continues to be jealous most of the time - not in a mean way - but pouting.

  2. Oh my! How cute is the 'saying hi'!?!

  3. Donna, I googled whether or not dogs can hear a fetal heartbeat, and it seems as though they can! I bet you are right!