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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Aunt Liz

I'm finding it hard to get started on werk today. I just received some sad news that my great Aunt Liz passed away yesterday evening. I had been receiving daily email updates from her daughter about Aunt Liz's recovery from a very rough surgery almost two weeks ago. My heart sunk to my stomach when the email I received two days ago simply said this, "Struggling".

My Grandma is on the left in light pink, and her sister, Liz,  is on the right in dark pink. 
Aunt Liz is my mom's aunt, and from the few times I had opportunities to be with her, I always left saying, "I want to be just like her when I'm that age!". Aunt Liz was spunky, full of life, and genuinely loved people. Plus, she never seemed to let anything stop her...which is why I guess I'm kind of surprised that she's actually gone.

Some of my recollections might be a little off, since it's been a while since I've seen Aunt Liz, but here are some things I remember about this spirited woman.

  • She gave great hugs, even to my husband who had to double over to get one from one was leaving with out a big hug from Aunt Liz. 
  • She was up for just about anything! My mom's cousins like to travel to different parts of the country and have all sorts of adventures. I seem to remember a story about all of 'the cousins' and Aunt Liz waiting to catch a train in Chicago, loaded down with bags from the American Girl Dolls store, and just barely escaping a group of shady men who intended to their packages off their hands, if you know what I mean!
  • Aunt Liz had a golf cart,(that I'm pretty sure was decorated), that she drove around her little neighborhood in Willernie, MN. Why not?!
  • Rarely did I see Aunt Liz without a smile on her face or in her eyes. I believe some people are just born with a sparkle in their eyes, and Aunt Liz was definitely one of them. 
  • Aunt Liz cherished family, loving others in a way that made you part of her family, no matter what. 
  • Her laugh was contagious, and always made my heart smile. 
There are many others who knew Aunt Liz much better than I did, and to any of you who read this post, I just want to extend my condolences to you and let you know that you are loved even in this time of loss. It's always hard to say goodbye, especially to someone who makes your heart smile. 


  1. Thanks for posting this Jill! This reflects my sentiments pretty well. It is hard to believe she isn't with us anymore. Also I won't be surprised if you have some of those special Aunt Liz qualities when you are her age!
    Love you!