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Monday, April 4, 2011

High Desert

Today was the first of three trips to the Springs that I will be making this week. Thankfully, I didn't need to 'punch in' at the Land of Cubicles until 11am, so I let the beautiful Colorado sunshine do it's werk and melt away the ice and snow that had piled up between here and there overnight.

I spent about 4 hours straight, sitting in meetings, plus two hours straight driving. Maybe I'm getting old, but man, my joints hurt! That was a LOT of focussed sitting, active listening, and I guess my body is just not as used to that as it used to be.

ALSO, I continue to realize that the Springs truly is in a 'high desert' climate. Every time I wrap up a day of meetings down there, I feel like I have swallowed a bag of sand. I honestly am surprised at two things: 1)how Jake and I managed to live in that climate for 2.5 years 2)how much of a difference a little altitude difference can make. Call me a flatlander, but at least I don't wake up thirsty in the middle of the night any more!

I cannot remember the last time I have gotten red dust all over my sneakers or hopped around yucca plants on my walks with the dog. I'll take deciduous trees and the bed of irises I just discovered along the side of our house over the desert any day of the week. Oh, and werking from home when you live in the prairie land of Denver isn't all that bad, either!
Ok, so our last home wasn't QUITE like this...but you get the picture. 

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