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Monday, April 11, 2011


Welcome back from your spring-y weekend, full of sunshine, pollen, and pretending it's summer. Oh, well, that was my weekend at least! Here is my own personal evidence that we will soon be lingering outside late into the evening in the fresh colorado air:

1. I went to a wedding on Friday night, and didn't even wear nylons. Step #1 to embracing Spring is baring your pasty white legs in public.
2. Saturday found me turning over the soil in our flower box and garden beds. Soon, I hope to see some of my carrot seedlings spout and my begonia bulbs push their way through the soil. This is my first ever attempt at growing a garden, so if it doesn't work out this year, we might need to seek professional help next year...
3. Saturday afternoon, a good friend and I (along with Lexi, of course) went for a good 2.5 hour walk, stopping to sip some iced coffee on the outdoor patio of a local coffee shop. Plus, Miss Lexi even got to dunk herself in the creek to cool off...proof that summer is coming!

4. I check on my seed starter kit for my herb garden at least four times a's so fun to literally watch them grow before my eyes!
5. I called my mom in Minne-snow-ta, and she was unusually upbeat. Why, might you ask? She was enjoying her back deck for the first time in a good, long, seven + months. I couldn't have been happier for her!

Now for cook-outs, sunburns, and bonfires...ah, summer is coming.

In the mean time, it's still Monday morning and I find myself scribbling a to-do list. In the world of the.home.werker, to-do lists help me stay on track and keep the important stuff right in front of my face. Back in the land.of.cubicles, I had a 3'x5' white board to help me keep track of this stuff (with some super cool skinny markers, I'm definitely a sucker for office supplies. You want to know when the next best colored set of sharpie pens is coming out? Oh, I have them already.)

This is one of the uni-ball Vision Elite pens that I use every day. I think they come in a pack of 8 different colors, and the inner-artiste in me simply loves them.
While this week doesn't involve putting 100's of miles on Pedro the Laredo like last week did, I get the feeling I'm heading into a week of planning, strategizing, and emailing. So on to hold your horses, here's an interpretive look at my to-do list:
1. Read and memorize book about how to end global poverty, without hi-lighting it so that I can pass it along to my co.werker. This could be tricky.
2. Schedule time to get vaccinated at a travel clinic so that I can go hug some kids in the Dominican Republic at the end of May. Time to start brushing up on my elementary-level Espanol...
3. Watch copius amounts of poverty related documentaries and scope out each organization's marketing plan...then create an even better one.
4. Start planning for Christmas...a christmas gift catalog. Would you like to buy your mom a goat, or part of a latrine this Christmas?
5. Make sure I don't pass out during my appointment in #2 above, so that I can get the oil changed on Pedro when I'm finished getting stuck with needles. Bleh, I'm woozy just thinking about it...

I hope your Monday morning is full of coffee, good vibes sticking with you from your weekend, and a nice slow launch into a productive week.


  1. uni-ball makes the best pens. The only pens I have spent money on the past few years have been uni-ball Jetstreams... amazing. Oh and don't forget to say hi to the DR for me... it is a beautiful country filled with some amazing people!

  2. ooh, i'll have to remember the uni-ball jetstream when the ink runs out on my current set of pens. at first all I saw in your comment was 'uni-ball' and I was wondering if I was going to have to delete it. hehe.