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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I live in Denver

Hello, I am the.home.werker, I live in Denver. Hence, I werk from home and do not commute to the Springs for werk every day.  At least not in my car (insert Hallelujah chorus here). I rely on the internet and phones to do my commuting for me. Which is another reason why, if you are trying to schedule meetings with me or book airline tickets for me, you need to know, I live in Denver.

I am not walking from my office to your office for a meeting. That would take days. I am not flying out of the Colorado Springs airport, that would cost a lot more in mileage reimbursement and parking fees than is necessary. I live in Denver, I fly out of Denver.

I really like living in Denver. And that makes some of my co.werkers who live in the Springs uncomfortable and possibly even more nervous about me than they were before.

I am contemplating putting something in my werk email signature that says something to the effect of, "I've moved, so please remember that the phone numbers below my name are pretty much the best way to reach me, indefinitely."

Time and again, when people ask me where I 'sit' now that I have changed roles, I get to say, "I sit at home, in Denver." Newsflash. I've been living here since November. Yes, that means I am a 'regional employee'. No, I do not have a regular time that I head to the Land.of.Cubicles every week. If I had to hop on a plane to get there, would you even be asking me this question?

I wonder what other ways I can communicate this important fact to my co.werkers: I live in Denver, I werk in Denver.

Here are some of my favorite things about Denver so far:
1. I have a social network that extends beyond my most trusted co.werkers-who-are-also-my-friends.
2. Jake is going to a really excellent school and will be exposed to so many more types of clinical settings simply because we are in Denver and not the Springs.
3. H&M is coming to Denver...I honestly can't even describe how excited this makes me. (And IKEA is opening this fall!!)
2. There are endless things to do here, things don't shut down past 10pm on the weekends and we've barely scratched the surface of fun things to do.
1. It's easier to score hockey tickets when the Wild come to play the Av's, than trying to see the Wild play in St. Paul.


  1. They have more green things (like grace and deciduous trees) and the altitude is lower and it's not as dry and ... and ... and ... :) I like Denver too!

  2. Yay! It's not too long until you are back here again. WOOHOO!