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Thursday, April 21, 2011


Here's another perk, but this time it's because I werk for a faith-based organization. Tomorrow is Good Friday, and I get the day off. Woo-Hoo, Three Day Weekend!!

When I werked for the newspaper, I literally only got 6 paid holidays a year: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. If any of those holidays happened to fall on a weekend...well, I was just out of luck. It's the news industry, baby...just because everyone else gets time off with their loved ones, doesn't mean the world stops turning and the printing presses shut down! The hardest part about this was I didn't werk for the part of the newspaper that was really 'newsy'. I managed marketing campaigns for our advertising clients, but they were all postcard or direct mail campaigns...having literally NOTHING to do with the paper besides the fact that they also purchased some print or web-ad space at the same time.

Oh, I forgot to mention, we did get one more paid holiday, it was called 'Diversity Day'. The paper was VERY much an equal opportunity employer. I believe we were one of the first papers to even provide benefits for people with 'same-sex-partners', or whatever the insurance industry label is. So I was allowed to pick one day a year and as long as I had a significant reason that was related to Diversity, I got the day off. So many times my Diversity Day skipped MLK day and landed on Good Friday. I have nothing against MLK day, but Good Friday has always been a meaningful day in the life of my family and it's nice to be able to set it aside for a time of reflection and time with family.

Today is also what is known as Maundy Thursday. This is the day that Jesus would have shared the last supper with his disciples, washed their feet, predicted his betrayal, and eventually been arrested. So I guess today is a pretty meaningful one as well.

Now if you'll indulge my appreciation for art history as it relates to Maundy Thursday...

This painting by Jacopo Bassano (1546, Venetian School) is full of movement, relational dynamics, and I am guessing is trying to depict the moment when Jesus told the group there was a betrayer among them. I love the way the painting is anchored like a triangle, with the two men in red/green on the lower left and lower right, leaning in and looking up to the highest point in the painting which is Jesus.  

I like this painting by Tissot (circa 1886) because it shows the intimacy and relationship of this group. It's also a little more accurate than most traditional paintings, because it was more traditional to recline around a meal than sit on chairs against a table like we do today.

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