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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Only a Dream

One of the perks of werking from home, which I'm sure I've mentioned in the past, is the amount of sleep gained by not having to get up early enough to get ready and drive to werk. I simply roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and shuffle to my office. This 'commute' takes 5-10 minutes, so I am usually welcoming the new day no later than 8am. It's kind of a beautiful thing (my shuffle to the office, is not).

This morning I found myself stuck in that weird place of vividly dreaming and remembering every detail of my dream...but still knowing it was probably time to get up and at 'em. My dream found me somewhere in northern Minnesota/a small British B&B town where I've stayed on business trips in the past. I was wandering the switch-back streets of this little town, in desperate search of a bathroom. I'm pretty sure I even downloaded an app on my phone called "Potty Finder". That app was horrible, so if you ever find the 'non-dream' version for your phone, I wouldn't recommend it.

Any-who...I ended up in some sort of screen printing shop, and befriended some very nice small town girls who begged their stingy old boss to let me use the employee bathroom in the back of the shop.

I am VERY glad I woke up at this point and realized that the reason my dream was so vivid and my need to find a bathroom so urgent, was because of all of the water I drank the night before. Sometimes it's ok to wake up from your dreams before they are over...Yikes.

My Carry Potty picture
My Carry Potty additional picture 1
Now this guy would have been helpful!

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