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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Conference Rooms

When I first started werking in, I got lost, a lot. It's a large, 4 story building with three "wings", and the layout on all floors is almost identical until you get the lay of the land. To make matters worse, the conference rooms are named after the exotic places where my organization werks. So unless you've got the 'capital cities of the entire world' memorized, and correct pronunciations down-pat, you WILL get lost trying to find your way to Ouagadougou for the first time.

My previous position was composed of overlapping, back-to-back meetings all over the building(s). Lugging my 15 lb. laptop up and down stairs in 3 inch heels all day long isn't something I miss. I also have not missed having to find, schedule, and provide directions to conference rooms...keeping fingers crossed that there is a conference phone in the room. I have not missed having to interrupt meetings that were going too long in the room I had reserved, or getting kicked out of a room because my meeting was going too long and someone else needed the space/conference phone.

As a regional employee, the only person who ever kicks me out of my office/conference room/break room is me...and occasionally Lexi when she needs a potty break. My biggest concern is hopping on the conference line at the right time, and hopping off before someone else needs to use the line I'm on. Which really isn't a problem since I've got my own conference line.

I love being the.home.werker.
Your geography lesson for the day.

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