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Monday, February 27, 2012

Super Powers

I am swapping super powers these exchange for the ability to grow a healthy baby, I have lost my super power of a sharp memory somewhere along the way during the first and second trimester. Normally, I am the one (between Jake and I) who remembers pretty much anything I've had a chance to see/visualize. Things like names/places/times/etc. all come to me with ease. Normally.

These days, I have found myself in the midst of conversations, whether at work or not, and....


I don't remember, maybe it'll come back to me. My mind is completely blank.

It's just like that, mid-sentence and all of the sudden I have completely lost what I wanted to say only seconds earlier. It's been happening more often lately, and I think it's becoming more noticeable. At least I'm noticing because it's so frustrating to have something that is usually so solid for me such as my memory, become rather unstable!

Jake suggested that I start writing things down so I remember them, but it happens too quickly. Mid-conversation and I've forgotten the new thought I've formed based on what someone has I probably wouldn't have any luck writing it down in time either! Oh well, Memory, I hope you enjoy your little vacation, because I'm going to need you again some day!

I'm suffering from a case of pregnancy dementia. My apologies to any of you who are caught in its trap with me!

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