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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Happy Hour

I just got invited to happy hour with some girl friends tomorrow, and I realized how incredibly long it's been since I've even though about happy hour.

The first obvious reason is because I'm pregnant, so indulging in a post-werk cocktail or glass of wine simply isn't an option these days. The other reason is that, as the.home.werker, the feeling of freedom and release you get from escaping your cube to a local watering hole just isn't the same. The need to vent with co.werkers about other co.werkers or intense situations just isn't there in the same way when you werk from home. In all, the self-medicating that goes on through happy hour office gossip or drinks just doesn't seem as relevant to me any more.

When the weather was nice and I had finished with meetings early, Jake and I would occasionally head out to a local patio (or our backyard) for a cold beverage and to enjoy some quality time together. But that was the extent of my happy hour activities as the.home.werker, pre-pregnancy.

Now I find myself craving a nice chilled glass of pellegrino water with a fresh lemon wedge as I wind down the That's my 'cocktail' of choice these days, now that I am living sans-alcohol and sans-caffeinated beverages. Cheers!

Drinking Pellegrino makes me feel like I could be sitting here!

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