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Monday, February 6, 2012

Kind of Cranky

Day 1 of all-day-meetings at!

-I literally have a pain in the arse from sitting on horrible conference room chairs for 9 hours straight today. Baby D did not make the situation any better, except maybe to distract me with some crazy acrobatics after my spicy taco lunch. Does a lot of movement after eating spicy food mean the baby will like spicy food, or that the baby hates it and is taking it out on my ribs? Hmm...not sure about that.

-I took off my knee socks only to realize I'm really starting to swell more these days. I've never seen such puffy indentations from socks on my legs before. Oh the joys of preggo-swelling.

-Feeling guilty and angry because a former boss cornered me and asked me all sorts of very direct and inappropriate questions about my pregnancy and life in general, that I didn't know how to deflect or avoid. The person hasn't spoken a word to me in over a year, and all of the sudden thinks she has a right to tell me how big I am for how far along I am (i.e., thinks I'm huge), and to very illegally ask me if I plan to come back to werk after Baby D. is born. I'm so glad I don't have to put up with THAT every day for nine months,  and I'm very thankful for my current boss who is the most respectful and diplomatic person I think I've ever met.

-I'm hoping the outfits I have planned for the rest of the week are more comfortable than today's outfit. I'm really missing my maternity jeans and sweats already.

-Trying to avoid salty/sugary foods as much as possible, which will prove to be a challenge this week as I navigate through breakfast, lunch and dinner at restaurants this week.

-Relief: I think Colorado Springs is an aesthetically beautiful place, but I'm so glad I don't live here anymore. This place just never fit me right and even being back for a handful of days sometimes makes my skin crawl just a little. No offense to anyone who lives here and loves it, it's just not for me!

Only three more days to go!

Here's an ad in the Springs that is completely 'normal'. Obviously they have a target market in mind. Where do all the non-Christians go when they get injured?! (j/k...kind of).


  1. UGH!! That ad summarizes the Springs perfectly .... hang in there Beans and Baby D! :)